What a blustery day; makes me think of the Winnie The Pooh and A Blustery Day book I use to read to my kids.  However, here in my shop I am all warm and can forget how it is outside.  For those of you who've never been to my shop I will explain.  The walls are covered with yellow wallpaper that has blue, pink and white flowers on it, my cabinets are white and to comply with the Health Dept. I have a lot of fluorescent lights so its very bright and cheery.  On top of that, today I am baking cookies which is making it smell wonderful. 

   Anyhow, what I really wanted to tell you in this post is that it's a perfect day for soup and I'm having a SPECIAL!!!!!  Now through Valentine's Day I will have full size SOUPS and ONE-DISH-MEALS at 3/$20.00  (a savings of $1.75) - in shop only.  For those of you ordering on-line, since I can't change my pricing, I will add a single soup (my choice) to your order ($2.25 value). 

  And while you're at it, perhaps you'd like some BREAD to go with your soup.  YUM!!!!  Check out all our delicious varieties; they are super easy to make in a bread machine or by hand.