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26241 County Road 40, Goshen, IN  46526              (574)862-4146

SHOP HOURS are by appointment.  Please call or text me at (574)535-5757 to set up a time that best works for you.      


My company blossomed out of a personal need. In 1988, when our son was two, we found out he was severely allergic to dairy products. At that time, I couldn't find bread in supermarkets without whey so I began to bake my own. Shortly after, I was given an automatic bread machine as a gift. At that point, I started experimenting with a variety of recipes that could be baked in the machine, as well as in the oven. For convenience sake, when I made a particular bread, I would bag up several more for future use. Soon friends offered to pay me to package some mixes for them. I found that I really enjoyed creating my own recipes and sharing these with other people.

In 1992, I began selling my mixes at local craft bazaars. In the beginning, I sold only five varieties of bread. In 2002, we built our own building to house my rapidly growing business.  My focus became to provide made from scratch food that the customer could take home and complete quickly without a lot of additional ingredients.

I currently make nine bread mixes, regular and wheat pizza dough, baked oatmeal, muffin, scone, breakfast cookie, whole-wheat brownie and a variety of cookie mixes. To round out my business, I make One-Dish-Meals and an assortment of Soup Mixes.  Now you can begin and end your day in a delicious, healthy & convenient way. 

All of my mixes are made with top quality ingredients, and the baking mixes contain nothing artificial and no preservatives. I grind most of the flour from grain myself. I also grow almost all the herbs, the bell peppers and celery used in my mixes.  The One-Dish-Meals and Soup Mixes are free of MSG and I use low-fat/low-sodium bouillon.

Give us a try; I guarantee you'll taste the quality and enjoy the convenience!!!!

My facility is fully licensed by the Elkhart County (Indiana) Health Department & meets all state and local requirements for the production and sale of my products.

If at any time you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.